While a strapless dress is quite sexy, its main flaw is that it’s impossible to wear a bra minus the straps peeking out. While this is actually the case, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a bra. Here are creative undergarments that you may wear without ruining the lines of one’s beautiful dress:

Adhesive bra

This is a bra that comes with only leading cups; it lacks a band, straps, and clasp. To put on the undergarment you only need to remove the sticky protectant and fasten the bra to your breasts.

As well as the undergarment remaining invisible to everyone, in addition, it provides lift, protection and support.

Convertible bra

The good side with this undergarment is that it includes adjustable shoulder and back bands; therefore, you can move it in a variety of positions to be able to fit the lines of one’s dress. If the type of your dress is too low you merely have to adjust the straps so they are at your waist.

While this bra supports all sorts of breasts, its best for those with large chests.


These are ideal when your dress has some support and all you have to can be an extra layer of protection. The petals are also ideal for dresses with deep front V. Breast petals have the form of a flower and are often nude colored. To create it easy for you to attach them to your nipples, they come with a skin safe adhesive.

Sewn-in cups

If your dress is so low such that you can’t wear a convertible dress without being seen, you should go for sewn-in cups. All you have to to do would be to visit your tailor who’ll sew the cups for you personally.

When you have sewing skills you don’t need to hire the services of a tailor; it is possible to sew the cups by yourself. You should note that these cups work best if your breasts are a C-cup or smaller.

Boob glue

That is a new product that holds your breasts in place within your bra cups and dresses. The glue usually comes with a roll-on applicator that allows you to apply a thin, sticky adhesive all over your breast. After applying it you only have to hold your breast set up within your dress or cup and allow it dry.

The good side with the glue is that its skin safe and doesn’t stain your dress.